About No Limitz Auto Repair

Full Service Gas and Diesel Repairs in Kailua Kona, Hawaii 

Light Diesel Repairing 

No Limitz Auto Repair’s mechanics are experienced in repairing light diesel engines. We’ve worked with 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.7L engines, and more. Whether you’re having turbo, EGR, or any other problems, we can fix it. Not sure what’s wrong, but something seems off? Our team can diagnose and repair your diesel engine - we’ve seen it all. Using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, we troubleshoot light diesels with accuracy and perform repairs with excellence.

Brake Systems

Problems with your brakes can be stressful and dangerous. No Limitz Auto Repair will replace your worn brake pads or shoes, resurface rotors or drums, and replace your brake fluid when needed. Occasionally, brake lines can leak or snap, causing immediately loss of brake power, which is very dangerous when it occurs on the road. Put all your brake system needs in our hands and we’ll get you driving safely again in no time.

Suspension Repairs

The suspension system in your vehicle prevents damage to your car from potholes and other rough areas of the road. It also helps you maintain optimal control at all times. No Limitz Auto Repair takes care of all suspension and steering repairs involving your shocks and struts. There are several warning signs from your suspension that signal the need for a repair. If you have fluid leaking out, the shock or strut bodies are dented, mounting or bushings are broken, the vehicle sways when making a turn, or you experience a shaky ride; bring your car in as soon as possible for an efficient repair.

Air Conditioning

Experiencing air conditioning failure in the hot summer months is very uncomfortable. No Limitz Auto Repair can fix your air conditioning system whether the problem is as simple as adding more coolant or you need to replace the entire unit. Blower fan repairs, new filters, and dashboard control repairs can get your car cool and comfortable again, so stop by our shop for a repair as soon as possible.

Engine Repairs and Tune-Ups

When something isn’t functioning correctly with your engine, it’s best to get the problem checked out as soon as possible. No Limitz Auto Repair takes care of any problem with your engine and also offers tune-ups. You may need an engine tune-up if your vehicle is running roughly, you’re getting poor gas mileage, your car idles roughly, or you’re experiencing a loss of power. A complete car engine tune-up includes replacing the air and fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor and inspection of serpentine belts and replacement. It also includes adjustment of the distributor cap angle and clutch, battery cleaning and replacement, and replacement of the PCV valve.

Transmission, Clutch, and Driveline

No Limitz Auto Repair will fix any issues with your transmission and drive line. Most transmission and driveline repairs are inexpensive when caught early. If your check engine light comes on, you are leaking fluid, your gears are slipping, shifting seems rough, or you detect a burning smell, bring your vehicle into our shop and we’ll get your car running smoothly again. We also make clutch repairs for standard vehicles. Whether you need a new clutch disc, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, or pressure plate, we will find the right parts for your make and model so you can get back on the road.

Safety Checks by Appointment Only

No Limitz Auto Repair performs safety checks on any type of vehicle when you make an appointment with us. A full safety inspection takes about 30 minutes and includes checking the oil, transmission fluid, and battery power, checking the air filter, radiator water level, the functionality of all lights, and tire quality and pressure. We do not perform D.O.T. Safety Inspections.

Basic Oil and Filter Change 

Changing your oil and filters are a simple, but important part of regular car maintenance. Why take the time to get under the hood yourself when No Limitz Auto Repair can quickly take care of it for you? We’ll replace your oil as needed and put in new filters of any type.

Fleet Maintenance

No Limitz Auto Repair will lubricate any part of your vehicle with the correct fluids. Whether you need new brake, power steering, transmission, or any other fluid, we will refill them to the optimal levels. We’ll also loosen too-tight bolts, and valves as well as remove varnish build up and cylinder head deposits. This type of cleaning service can improve the overall function of your vehicle.

Truck Repairs and Maintenance

Trucks have slightly different repair and maintenance needs than smaller vehicles; however, No Limitz Auto Repair has the tools and experience for every type of truck repair and maintenance service. We’ll take care of your brakes, drive train, electrical systems, engine repairs, front end suspension, alignment, computer diagnostics and more for small and large trucks.

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